Starting 5th Grade this year? Read this.

5th Grade is the last school year in elementary, before they graduate to middle school. Apart from the usual challenges that come with this transition, you have to deal with your child’s placement into a mathematics stream in middle school. So, what is streaming, and why should you care?

Most middle schools separate incoming 6th graders into two or more mathematics stream:

  • College Prep (CP)
  • Accelerated (ADV) or Honors (H)
  • Skip-Level

To see how your School District streams students into math tracks, please click on the links below.

For most students, especially those staying in the same school district, this is decided based on their 5th Grade Math Performance. This is largely based on End Of Course Exam (EOCE), which is generally administered towards end of 5th Grade. While School District may have a different cut-offs, most would move students with a score of about 85% or more into the Accelerated (ADV) or Honors (H) track.


So, in what ways are Accelerated/Honors track different from College Prep track?

In general, students in Accelerated/Honors track:

  • cover one-and-half-year worth of mathematics course material, instead of the usual one-year syllabus
  • are challenged more through exposure to more concepts and in greater depth, with additional emphasis on critical thinking
  • get to complete required mathematics courses earlier, so they can take on advanced placement courses
  • better prepared for the rigor of high school and college mathematics in particular and STEAM programs in general

Depending on your child’s readiness, joining the Accelerated/Honor stream and doing well in it, is a good goal. You can help your child achieve that goal, by ensuring your child does well in 5th grade math, bridges gaps in foundations and learns advanced math skills.

What do you think?

~ Tulasi Agina

MathC Program Director @ Sandbox Computers


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