Math Boot Camps

$299per week
  • Half-day Camps
  • 2-week camps for $499

Math Competitions

$149per month
  • Two 90-min sessions/week
  • Includes optional Secondary Day

Math Tutoring (Mini-Group)

$149per month
  • One 90-min session/week
  • Two sessions for $249/month

Computer Classes

$149per month
  • Two 90-min sessions/week
  • Includes optional Open Lab Day
  • Choose from 3 Math Programs: Boot Camps, Tutoring & Competition-Prep for grades K-12.
  • Tutoring & Competition-Prep Fee listed above is for a 12-month commitment.
  • You may pause your membership during vacation.
  • There is a 15% surcharge for the month-to-month option.
  • Two-sessions per week option is also available for Tutoring (Private & Mini-Group).

For Computer Science Programs, please visit:

Who’s teaching your kids?

Math Boot Camps 16 July – 10 Aug 2018:

LEVEL UP: Reinforce fundamentals, preview next-year’s concepts, and develop skill & confidence.

Parents get UPDATES on Classwork & Homework, Weekly Progress & Assessment Reports, and Customized Recommendations.

AWESOME Mentors: well-qualified, background-checked and great with kids.

Schedule for Math Tutoring:

OBJECTIVE: To help students excel in math at school & beyond.

FRAMEWORK: Our qualified Mentor leveraging best-in-class computer models & proven methods to help students achieve their potential.

OPTIONS: Choose from 1 or 2 90-minute sessions, in mini-group or private setting.

Schedule for Competition Math:

Student may attend two days per week
Instructor-led session, where new concepts and/or new problem-solving techniques are taught.
SECONDARY DAY (OPTIONAL): Instructor-moderated session, where students learn to solve problems by applying concepts and techniques, play math games, compete informally as individuals and as teams.

Schedule for Computer Programs:

How the Computer Programs work:

  • Select a Level based on your Student’s Grade & Prior Exposure.
  • Select the day & time that best matches your student’s availability.
  • Schedule indicated above is for Primary Day, which is instructor-led. Start Dates are listed next to the Course Name.
  • Apart from the Primary Day, students are welcome to join for a Open Lab Day of their choice (weekdays between 4 and 7 pm).
  • Open Lab Days are supervised, and students are given all the equipment and guidance necessary, but it is not a lesson day.
  • Level I courses run for 10 weeks, Level II for 15 weeks and Level III for 20 weeks.


We accept:


*Please note that we do not accept American Express

The (typically) 16 digits on the front of your credit card.
The 3 digit (back) or 4 digit (front) value on your card.
The month your credit card expires, typically on the front of the card.
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