Website Development

Purpose: Develop Websites using HTML and HTML Editors Tools: HTML, WYSIWYG Editor Techniques: Designing and building Web Pages Course Overview: Get into the World Wide Web club! The goal is to introduce website fundamentals and build web pages using HTML. Apart from learning HTML Code, students also develop HTML pages using What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) Editor – so emphasis is not just on developing web pages, but also designing them.

Photo & Video Editing

Purpose: Editing photos & Videos for Web Design Tools: Photoshop / GIMP, Movie Maker, iPad App Techniques: Digital Photography, Movie Editing Related Competitions: Various Digital Photo Submissions & Contests Course Overview: The goal is to make students conversant with popular photo and video editing software. Students use photo editing software to modify/enhance digital photographs and images. Video editing introduces the students to the concept of movie editing, emphasizing aspects such as trim, timing and transitions.

Microsoft Office

Purpose: Learn popular Productivity Tools Tools: MS Office (PowerPoint, Word & Excel) Techniques: Presentation, Project Documentation, Lists & Functions Related Competitions: Certiport Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office Course Overview: Learn the essential skills for school and beyond. Students complete hands-on assignments to explore key features of world’s most popular productivity tools: Word, PowerPoint & Excel. Student demonstrate their mastery with real-world projects.