Minecraft Modding

Project Description

Purpose: Harness kids’ wild enthusiasm for Minecraft to teach (object-oriented) programming concepts.

Course Structure: 3 Formats:
1. Five 4-hour Workshop Sessions
2. Three or Five full-day Holiday Workshop Sessions
3. Twelve 2-hour Workshop Sessions

Course Options:
– Survivors Level 1x (no programming exposure reqd.)
– Hardcore Level 2x (programming exposure reqd.)
Tools: Java, Eclipse, Minecraft Forge, MCreator
Techniques: Minecraft Modding, Object-oriented programming using Java

Course Overview: Minecraft is cool Making your own mods is way cooler! Modify the world’s most popular video game using the world’s most popular programming language – the easy and fun way! Students learn how to build and share mods, using Modding Tool. They build Minecraft mods based on the concept explored, with emphasis on creative thinking, analysis, design and development.

Project Details

Skills Needed:


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