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Math Placement Test remaining in:
CVUSD: Jun 15, 2017; OPUSD: May 31, 2017


Tianguang Zhang
Math Lead
University of Pennsylvania
Masters in Mathematics

Mitch Labrenz
Math Instructor
California State University Channel Islands
B.S. in Mathematics

Joshua Steward
Math Instructor
California State University Channel Islands
B.S. in Computer Science
minor in Mathematics

Kimberly Aguero
Math Instructor
California Polytechnic State University
B.S. in Computer Engineering

Leela Biliji
Math Instructor
JNTU India
Masters in Electronics Engineering

Tulasi Agina
Director, Math Instructor
Indian Institute of Management
Computer Science Engineer, MBA

Why improve your math skills?

Acing and accelerating your math in Middle School, gets you into an  advanced math program in High School.

This, in turn, gets you into a great college.

Math Pathways

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Fluency Framework

Students develop a lifelong love of math when they explore, generalize and apply concepts and their inter connections. 

Use of technology and emphasis on growth mindset open doors for children and help them reach higher!

How are we better?

Target Students:

  • Student K: needs a leg up in Math

  • Need help with confidence and grades

  • Has sporadic gaps in pre-skills

  • Discouraged by abstract concepts

  • Student M: kicking butt in Math

  • Limited/textbook understanding of math

  • No exposure to advanced tools or techniques
  • Aspires to take advanced math while in school



Solving Linear Equations
Graphing and Writing Linear Equations
Solving Linear Inequalities
Solving Systems of Linear Equations
Linear Functions
Exponential Equations and Functions
Polynomial Equations and Factoring
Graphing Quadratic Functions
Solving Quadratic Equations
Square Root Functions and Geometry
Rational Equations and Functions
Data Analysis and Displays

Equations and Inequalities
Linear Equations and Functions
Linear Systems and Matrices
Quadratic Functions and Factoring
Polynomials and Polynomial Functions
Rational Exponents and Radical Functions
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Rational Functions
Quadratic Relations and Conic Sections
Counting Methods and Probability
Data Analysis and Statistics
Sequences and Series
Trigonometric Ratios and Functions
Trigonometric Graphs, identities, and Equations

Tool of Geometry
Reasoning and Proof
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Congruent Triangles
Relationships in Triangles
Proportions and Similarity
Right Triangles and Trigonometry
Transformations and Symmetry
Areas of Polygons and Circles
Extending Surface Area and Volume
Probability and Measurement

Place Value, Multiplication, and Expressions
Divide Whole Numbers
Add and Subtract Decimals
Multiply Decimals
Divide Decimals
Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators
Multiply Fractions
Divide Fractions
Algebra: Patterns and Graphing
Convert Units of Measure
Geometry and Volume

Numerical Expressions and Factors
Fractions and Decimals
Algebraic Expressions and Properties
Areas of Polygons
Ratios and Rates
Integers and the Coordinate Plane
Equations and Inequalities
Surface Area and Volume
Statistical Measures
Data Displays

Rational Numbers
Expressions and Equations
Ratios and Proportions
Constructions and Scale Drawings
Circles and Area
Surface Area and Volume
Probability and Statistics

Angles and Triangles
Graphing and Writing Linear Equations
Systems of Linear Equations
Real Numbers and the Pythagorean Theorem
Volume and Similar Solids
Data Analysis and Displays
Exponents and Scientific Notation

Getting Started
Organizing Data
Averages and Variation
Regression and Correlation
Elementary Probability Theory
The Binomial Probability Distribution and Related Topics
Normal Distributions
Introduction to Sampling Distributions
Hypothesis Testing
Inferences About Differences
Chi Square and F Distributions
Nonparametric Statistics

Functions and Derivatives: The Graphical View
Functions and Derivatives: The Symbolic View
New Derivatives from Old
Using the Derivative
The Integral
Numerical Integration
Using the Integral
Symbolic Antidifferentiation Techniques
Function Approximation
Improper Integrals
Infinite Series
Vectors and Polar Coordinates
Multivariable Calculus: A First Look
Curves and Vectors
Vector Calculus
  • Plan:
    • Pick Frequency, Format & Schedule
    • Access Proficiency Portal
    • Agree on Mutual Accountability
  • Tutor:
    • 90 minutes per session
    • Plus 30 minutes of free homework help / test preparation
    • Blended model: paper & computer
    • Explore >> Generalize >> Apply
  • Practice:
    • Student accesses course material on Proficiency Portal
    • Student completes worksheets / assignments: paper-based & computer-based
    • About 30 minutes per Day
  • Track:
    • Mentor checks in with student in middle of week
    • Answers questions via email or video chat
    • Mentor posts weekly report
    • Parent-Director have monthly touch-base to gauge progress


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This is a 6-week intensive program which uses a blended model of paper and computer for exploring, generalizing and applying math concepts.

Students meet twice a week for 2 hours per session. This is a classroom course (in our Studio in Janss Marketplace), and also offers students cloud-based software & course material to explore at home, along with assignments and practice questions.

Sign Up Here:

Step 1: Pick Your Class


Math Tutoring Incoming Math Placement Test
  • Class Format:
    90-min Tutoring per session; 1 or 2 sessions per week;
    30-min per week Homework Help, Test Preparation & Practice Supervision at no additional cost.
    • In-Class Instructor-Led Sessions

    • Online Interactive Material

    • Worksheets & Remote Assistance

    • Test Prep & Homework Guidance

    • Nurturing Growth Mindset

  • Class Format:  6 week Intensive Program; Weekly 2 Sessions; Each Session for 2 Hours, Plus 30 Minutes Homework/Day. Access to Material at Home.
    • In-Class Instructor-Led Sessions

    • Online Interactive Material

    • Reinforce Current & Build Next Grade Concepts

    • Diagnostic Test & Test Prep Skills

    • Nurturing Growth Mindset

  • Step 2: Pick The Class Timing & Options

    Please tell us your preference timing, available timing options:
    Monday - Friday: You can pick any time between 4-6PM
    Saturday & Sunday: You can pick any time between 9:30AM-6PM*Depending on our instructors' availability, the actual class time may not be perfectly meet your preference.

    Hourly Rate: $ 0

    Step 3: Details & Payment

    We accept:

    *Credit will be offered for planned absence (2 weeks notice).
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the first 2 classes, you get a full refund.
    Agreement, Waiver & Release: It is my responsibility as a parent/ legal guardian to ensure that the child arrives at and is promptly picked up from the class. Sandbox does not assume liability. By participating in or by authorizing participation in this enrichment program in any way whatsoever, I hereby release and hold Sandbox harmless from all liability. I give Sandbox permission to use recordings, which may include pictures, video, audio and text for promotional purposes. Sandbox is not affiliated with any school/ community center/ district.

    The (typically) 16 digits on the front of your credit card.
    The 3 digit (back) or 4 digit (front) value on your card.
    The month your credit card expires, typically on the front of the card.
    The year your credit card expires, typically on the front of the card.
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